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2015-2016 Grants to Teachers Application

Every teacher is encouraged to submit a grant application. Your name should only be on the cover sheet of the application. The cover sheet will be removed during the selection process. The applicant will be anonymous to the committee. Only the original, with proper signatures, needs to be turned in to CPSF following your principal’s signature. All Grant Applications should be typed. The grants should be returned to our office, with all proper signatures, by end of school September 14, 2014. This date allows the committee to process and provide ample time for review and selection. In some cases partial funding may be awarded. Notification of grant recipients will be early October. Approved grant paperwork will follow normal Purchase Order Procedures and go through your school secretaries, to the purchasing office. The grants need to be encumbered by December 19, 2014, and last date for orders is January 31, 2015 unless the Grant Application details a reason for another date.