The Chickasha Public School Foundation (CPSF) was founded in 1986 to improve the quality of education in the Chickasha community. The education foundation is an independent community-based nonprofit that helps Chickasha Public Schools students by providing funding and support for educational opportunities that cannot be funded through the district's budget. With a focus on creating community ownership in the success of every child, the Foundation plays a key role in supporting efforts to improve academic achievement and supporting programs for transformational change in educating our next generation.


There is no more valuable investment than creating a public education system that prepares our children for success. The Foundation believes the future of Chickasha rests upon every child in our schools graduating with a quality education.


Because of support from our community, the Chickasha Public School Foundation through the years have provided:

  • More than $740,000 in Grants for Teachers, support going directly into the classroom and impacting our students
  • Three endowed scholarships awarded annually
  • Seed Money to start Chickasha’s Robotic Program
  • Endowed Lecture Series
  • Classroom Closet - Our newest initiative